What is Her Voice about?

  • Her Voice is about bridge building as well as showcasing art, music, dance, and poetry by women of colour on theme and topics of gender equity, equality, and empowerment which are vital to community building and development.

  • Her Voice is about raising awareness on the importance of women in community development around the world.

  • Her Voice is to encourage dialogue on Interculturalism and on building of fair society where women are not left behind.

  • Her Voice is platform to share lived experience of racialized women and girls and how integral their participation is to build and maintain artistic community.

How can you participate:

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting or performing at Inclusive Arts Festival! We are actively seeking artists of all disciplines – visual art, poetry, theatre, dance, music, craft, and beyond – to participate in the festival.

Artists and Artisans Development Network will confirm receipt of all applications and will schedule exhibitors and performers.

To apply to participate, complete the application form and send to info@artistsandartisans.ca

Event Dates

18 & 19; December 2021

Artists participated in 18 & 19 December 2021

Event Dates

June 20 & 27; July 25 & 26 and August 1 & 2

Artists participated in June 20 & 27

Artists participated in July 25 & 26

Artists participated in August 1 & 2

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