What is Break the Silence – COVID-19 about?

  • A series of ten workshops will provide information on prevention of both elder abuse and violence against women and will give tips to improve mental wellness.

  • Using music, art, lectures and poetry, the workshops will educate, inform, and inspire women, elders and the community as a whole on the importance of safety and wellness.

Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse During COVID-19

  • Violence against women and girls is increasing globally as the COVID-19 pandemic combines with economic and social stresses and measures to restrict contact and movement. Crowded homes, substance abuse, limited access to services and reduced peer support are exacerbating these conditions.

  • Alongside the increase in numbers, violence against women is taking on new complexity: exposure to COVID-19 is being used as a threat; abusers are exploiting the inability of women to call for help or escape; women risk being thrown out on the street with nowhere to go.

  • Before Covid-19, it was estimated that one in six older people were subject to abuse but emerging evidence suggests this has sharply increased since the crisis.  Such abuse includes physical, financial, psychological, verbal and sexual assault.

  • Often the abuse is tolerated as older people who have been disproportionately hit by the financial impact of the pandemic are reliant on relatives for support.

How can you participate?

  • We are actively seeking artists to create music, art, lectures and poetry that will educate, inform and inspire women and elders on the importance of safety and wellness.

  • Artists and Artisans Development Network will confirm receipt of all submissions.

Please contact us at info@artistsandartisans.ca

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Workshop: 4

Workshop: 5

Workshop: 6

Workshop: 7

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Workshop: 10

Event Dates

October 17 & 18; & 24; & 25; & 31

Artists participated in October 17

Artists participated in October 18

Artists participated in October 24

Artists participated in October 25

Artists participated in October 31

Event Dates

November 7 & 14

Artists participated in November 7

Artists participated in November 14

Artists participated in November 21

Artists participated in November 28

Artists participated in November 29

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