Our History

Artists and Artisans Development and Network (AADN) was formed in 2014. The co-founders felt the need to create a platform to support local artists and artisans through community development framework. After series of discussions with residents, newcomers and other immigrants, AADN was formed. Initially artists of AADN participated at many local and community events and festivals to promote and showcase their work.

Goals and Philosophy

Our Goals:

  • ​To support newcomer and immigrant Artists and Artisans by giving them a platform for training and development;
  • To involve local residents in building cohesive and vibrant community through Arts, crafts and performing arts.

Our Philosophy:

Established in 2014 as a not-for-profit organization AADN is committed to assist Immigrant and newcomer Artists and Artisans in embarking opportunities which can bring them a decent living and foster community development through arts, crafts and performing arts.

Funders & Sponsors

Programs and Services

Arts and Creative Collaboration

Festivals & Events:

AADN informs, organizes and encourages local artists in Scarborough and Greater Toronto Area to partake in festival and events. Our artists have exhibited their talents and have performed in many events such as ice fest, afro fest and local festivals. Our aim is to make communities become aware of the rich cultural diversity through arts, crafts and performing arts by organizing festivals and events to support our mandate.


​​Through the medium of documentaries, AADN aims to bring social awareness on the issues related to systemic, social and economic barriers of Artists and Artisans from immigrant backgrounds who face challenges in continuing and nurturing their talents. Our short videos also helps artists and artisans to promote their work and supports their small business initiatives.

Information and Referrals:

Through our list-serve, community dialogues, focus group discussions with residents and artists, we inform them about various support systems and platforms to take assistance from.

AADN strategic plan includes development of its multi-lingual directory of service providers and institutions for artists and artisans to take help from.

​Workshops and Training:

​Our workshops and training programs are aimed to involve artists and other community members to come together in putting together creative contributions in visual arts, written word and digital story telling.

We work with seniors, refugees, youth, newcomers and women in empowering them through arts and creative collaboration.

Annual Report 2018

We need your partnership

AADN depends entirely on the support of volunteers, members and the community. We welcome and encourage the interest and participation of all who wish to contribute to the Artists and Artisans from Immigrant, new comer and visible minorities. Your donation can support many of our programs and events.