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Artists and Artisans Development Network is a registered not-for-profit organization that fosters economic, social, and civic development to culturally-diverse artists and their communities.

Our Mission

To provide support and opportunities for economic and social development to artists and artisans of all artistic practices who are newcomers to Canada or from other visible minority groups

Our programs

Artist & Artisans Development Network’s programs create opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and professional development. We help artists showcase their talents and build partnerships that will strengthen their artistic practice and build community.

Workshops & Training

Our workshops and training programs bring together artists and community members to collaborate on visual arts, written word, digital media, and storytelling projects. We work with professional and aspiring artists of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Seniors, refugees, youth, and women are encouraged to find participate and find empowerment through the arts.

Festivals & Events

Artists and Artisans Development Network celebrates our cultural diversity and builds community through the arts. We host festivals and events to provide opportunities for artists to share their work, and help them reach new audiences by encouraging participation in in events hosted by our partner organizations.

Information & Referrals

Join our mailing list, participate in community dialogues, and connect with other artists to learn about the support systems and programs available to you.


Artists and Artisans produces documentaries on social and economic issues faced by artists and artisans of colour and from immigrant communities.

“In My Home Canada” explores artists’ immigration experience and the challenges they face as newcomers.


We depend wholly on the support of donations. Your gift will provide crucial support to immigrant artists, helping them build community and access economic opportunities in their new home.

We welcome and encourage the participation of all who wish to contribute the Artists and Artisans Development Network. Help us achieve our goals by donating your time and expertise.

Featured Artists of the Month

Shraddha Mittal

I am originally from Delhi, the northern part of India. I currently live in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Dance has always been a part of my life since childhood, I feel rejuvenated when I dance.

My hobbies include cooking, DIY and making friends. I am not a full time artist, but I would love to engage myself in my interested areas. I am a self-taught dancer. My dance is more of Bollywood with semi-classical touch. Though I have performed on western and folk dance too.

I run my Online dance classes by “Bollywood Rhythm” along with my job as an underwriting assistant for an insurance company. I am currently taking online dance classes for Senior citizens in Milton. I teach dance to all age groups. According to me dance is a medium to express your thoughts and feelings. It’s not important to have tough or complex steps to be a good dancer, what’s important is to gracefully express your thoughts and message through your “Dance“

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