Fostering Local Talents

Funders & Partners

To foster economic, social, cultural and civic development of Artists and Artisans.

Our Mission

​To provide support and opportunities for economic and social development of Artists and Artisans from Immigrant, newcomer and visible minority groups through programs, events and enterprises of arts, crafts and performing arts.

Our programs

Our programs provides a platform for collaboration and educates the public through showcasing of talents and by organizing trainings, workshops, exhibitions, events in collaboration with social service organizations businesses and civil societies.

Fine Arts

Our workshops and training programs involves artists and community members to come together in putting creative contributions in visual arts, written word and digital story telling.

In collaboration with local agencies we work with seniors, refugees, youth, newcomers and women in empowering them through arts and creative collaboration.


AADN informs, organizes and encourages local artists and artisans to partake in festival and events.

Our aim is to make communities become aware of the rich cultural diversity through arts, crafts and performing arts by organizing festivals and events in support of our mandate.


Through our list-serve, community dialogues, focus group discussions with residents and artists, we inform you about various support systems and platforms to take assistance from.


AADN makes community-action research based documentaries on social and economic issues of Artists and Artisans from immigrant, newcomer and visible minorities backgrounds.

Our recently produced documentary “In my home Canada” unveils settlement experience of newcomer artists and artisans.


AADN depends entirely on the support of volunteers, members and the community. We welcome and encourage the interest and participation of all who wish to contribute to the Artists and Artisans from Immigrant, new comer and visible minorities. Your donation can support many of our programs and events.

Time and Knowledge:
Become a volunteer today and make personal contributions of time, energy and skills to help AADN in achieving its mission

Featured Artists of the Month

Kartik Kaushik

Born in India Kartik is an Indo-Canadian artist. He grew up in Baroda, Gujarat and Mumbai and it is there that he began his love with sketching observing his architect uncle making building plans and designs. In school his genuine nature asserted itself and Kartik started sketching portraits for which once he got awarded to make a portrait of great Mahatma Gandhi. Kartik became a management graduate instead of an artist. He graduated in 1992 and in few years progressed in his career path to Dubai.

In his professional role of Business Development Kartik travelled to several countries of Africa, Middle East and Far East where he got exposed to the rich history, distinctive art and cultural heritage. He was inspired by uniqueness of nature, wildlife, architectural designs and artifacts.

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