Thaniath Siddiqui

Thaniath is an award-winning artist who likes to create impactful and emotionally rich art using a variety of forms including mixed media. Born in India and raised in North Africa she has lived in various countries before moving to Canada. With a background in architecture and interior design, her work embodies the flavors of several cultures and inspirations from her extensive travels.

Building layers and texture is what inspires her most. The freedom of expression through brush strokes and colours keeps her motivated. She mostly paints abstract landscapes and florals. She like to use inks and mark making tools to bring in an interest in the flow of the painting and give a sense of harmony. Her work is very intuitive and she believes Art should be an experience which can connect and communicate with the viewers and touch their deeper instincts.
She is very happy that her paintings have reached across the continents in galleries and private collections. She is also the founder of Canvas Stories which hosts corporate art events and art training in GTA

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