Sudeshna Gosh

My name is Sudeshna Ghosh. I started my journey as a dancer from my college days. I performed in India in various stages of Kolkata and Bangalore. I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. I also learned folk dances like Bihu and Rabindra Nritya and Bollywood . In Bangalore I started my own training classes . I along with my students have performed in companies like SORRBA, Maya, Programs held in Lake Shore , Little Elly etc . I was recognised as one of the best choreographers of SORRBA pvt ltd . In Toronto I continued pursuing the same .I started D4U in the year 2019 to encourage this art form. We as a group have presented various stage shows here. Namely Avondale Spring Fair., Diwali Fest , Panorama India, Moksha , Artist and Artisans etc. I also did my certification from Indian Raga and prepared for Raga Jam. Dance is my passion and I want to pursue it all my life

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