Shirin Mandani


Shirin brings over 20 years of leadership experience in many not-for-profit agencies in Canada and internationally. She has a Masters’ degree in Public Policy Administration and Law from York University and a Post Degree Diploma in Not-for-Profit Management from University of Western Ontario. Trained in Governance and Leadership from Kellogg Schulich School of Business, she has worked in world renowned agencies along with agencies serving many ethnic and diverse groups in Toronto.

Shirin is the CEO of GrantX Inc. and is a member of board of Heritage Toronto. She was also a member of McMicheal Women’s Council, was board member of Toronto Food Policy Council, Arab Community Centre of Toronto and served two terms as a national board of director for Aga Khan Education Services in India, where she played an active role in enhancing the primary education program funded by the European Union and World Bank.

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