Dhaivat Jani

Hi, my name is Dhaivat Jani and I developed an interest in the field of music when I was four years old. Gradually as my interest in this field grew deeper, I began performing musical instruments on stage with different groups at my school. This is when I realized that I wanted to become a full-time musician. I dedicated all my time and energy towards practicing and learning the instrument to better myself every day. I started my journey as an artist by learning Indian Classical Tabla from Shri Mujal Mehta in Ahmedabad, India. After training for 16 years in Indian Classical Tabla, I began learning Drums from India’s most renowned and skilled drummer Gino Banks. For further learning, I came to Toronto and enrolled in Humber College as it is one the most popular colleges in Canada to be known for music. Apart from Tabla and Drums, I also play piano on the side while composing my own music. I try to improve my skills by practicing for at least 1-2 hours per day. However, if there is an event or show coming up, I strictly dedicate my time to prepare for that and practice for my performances. In addition to physically practicing with my drumkits, I also listen to old songs, concerts, melodies and read about legends in the music industry to gain more knowledge about this profession. This also keeps me updated with new techniques and gives me ideas for my shows that I have every week. Growing up, I have had many legendary role models who inspired me to pursue music like Zakir Hussain and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya. However, as my musical sense widened, I was also inspired by many great artists like Trilok Gurtu, Rafael Nadal, J Krishnamurti, Eric Harland, Mark Guiliana, P V Sindhu, and Mark Kelso. For me, it was not an easy journey, as there is a lot of competition and plenty of artists who were available for an organizer. Therefore, to make a living, in this country especially, is difficult to do. However, their inspiration is what encourages and pushes me to become a better artist every day so that I can satisfy my audience. Meanwhile, it is most important to satisfy myself as an artist because I need to make sure I am happy with what my inner voice tells me and that I am presenting the best of my talents to the audience to make the success worth it. As long as I am surrounded by music and feel satisfied with my performance, it does not matter if there are three or three thousand people in the audience.

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